Pat Wynn Brown is the Mistress of Mayhem at BEAUTY SCHOOL!
Pat Wynn Brown is the Mistress of Mayhem at BEAUTY SCHOOL!

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HAIR THEATER BEAUTY SCHOOL is a one-woman, one hour, humor-memoir, chit-chat performance piece that not only entertains, but inspires and motivates positive life change.  The Event Planner's goals for the event are built right into the BEAUTY SCHOOL "lessons" with Head Mistress of Mayhem, Pat Wynn Brown.

BEAUTY SCHOOL uses stories, laughter, antics, singing, dancing, and the crowning of our honored VALEDICTORIAN BEAUTY QUEEN (Event Planner's pick!) to help our audience members "graduate." (Beauty School dropouts are welcome!)

"What an amazing night we had!  Pat hit such a 'sweet spot' for the women at our event. We will be hearing great comments for a long time to come. I don't know how we will ever top this next year! It was a privilege to work with Pat. She is a true inspiration."
--- Tammy Schott, Foundation Director, Avita Health System, The Divas and Darlings Women's Health Event.

Book BEAUTY SCHOOL today for your events focusing on:
*** Girl's Night Out
*** GO RED (see GO RED page)
*** Cancer Survivors
*** Women's Financial Planning
*** Philanthropy
*** Humor Conferences
*** Women's Conferences
*** Mother's Clubs Fundraisers for Schools

Beauty is as beauty does, that's what our mothers told us.
And when we do good for ourselves and for others,
our lives become more beautiful and it shows in our faces.

Please consider the face of our Patron Saint, Audrey Hepburn.
She did much good for many in her life through UNICEF,
and she remains an icon for many of us to this day.

Now you too can bring BEAUTY SCHOOL! to your conference, event, health care system, or corporation.

The BEAUTY SCHOOL! performance piece is a humorous look at becoming a stylist
of beautiful living and fabulous looks by following our passions, being grateful
for the good in our lives (even though times may be tough), and serving others.
At Hair Theater®, our theater company, we understand that a good laugh can raise spirits and dramatically
change your looks!

BEAUTY SCHOOL! is a funny bone strengthener and health & beauty aid.
It's better than Botox!

BEAUTY SCHOOL! is performed by humorist Pat Wynn Brown and is a Hair Theater®


You can see a sampling of Pat Wynn's Brown performance work at:  (then type in: The Hair Theater Channel)

Here is an interview about BEAUTY SCHOOL! Pat did on the WOSU radio show, ALL SIDES WITH ANN FISHER.

To book BEAUTY SCHOOL! for your own special health awareness, philanthropy, survivor, or women's event. Especially terrific for Komen and Go Red events....
or fundraiser see:

Come to BEAUTY SCHOOL! and graduate to a new, more ravishing you
through antics, stories, laughs, and more!

Forget your troubles, come on get happy.

Here's a little sampler of a variety of Pat Wynn Brown's work from Hair Theater.
Also included is her appearance in the PBS documentary about Erma Bombeck
(you'll hear ole' Phil Donahue's voice).


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In addition to Audrey Hepburn, who else did our Head Humorician, Pat Wynn Brown, want to become when she was a child?

Mamie Eisenhower
Annette Funicello
Marilyn Monroe
Soupy Sales
Why is BEAUTY SCHOOL right for you?

I could use a good laugh right now.
Life is being particularly nasty to me right now.
I deserve a fun time.
It's about time I made my life more beautiful.
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